About us (with Team)


Rebel Energy is a UK energy supplier that is transforming the very business model of what it is to be an energy company.

Our mission is to act differently, transform lives and create a business that can change society for good in an impactful and sustainable way

Our Story

Rebel Energy was born from a traditional energy background.  Our founder worked for a large company that was attempting to shift to a more sustainable way of doing business, but knew that it would take a long time to move from its historical fossil fuels background – too long.  He saw that the status quo needed to be challenged in order to make a real difference – there was too much invested by businesses and society in keeping things the same.  His research and planning showed that it was possible to build a successful business that changed lives and transformed society – and not just for the privileged few, but for everyone. Now, he’s building a team and creating a movement of rebels that can all help to shape the future.

He had a vision for an  energy company that had strong moral foundations, that cared about society and the people within it, and created sustainable profits by helping people and the environment.  That Company is Rebel Energy

Come and join us – be a Rebel.


The Rebel Team


Dan Bates –

CEO & Founder

Dan founded Rebel with the intention of creating an energy company with a difference. After 17 years of working for BP, he saw that large corporations were making changes, but weren’t going far or fast enough.

So he decided he could make a change. Rebel Energy is about his vision for a fairer world, where the poorest in society aren’t excluded from accessing the best prices for their energy, where profits go towards delivering social and climate change and where good customer service doesn’t come with a hefty price tag.

Dan is a qualified Accountant and has extensive experience of UK and international gas, power and renewable energy markets. Most recently he was a Commercial Manager and a member of the leadership team which ran BP’s International Gas and Power marketing and trading business.


Penelope Hope –

Chief Strategy Officer

Penelope joined Rebel Energy as the company aligned with her passion for addressing systemic injustice through entrepreneurship and providing for the marginalised in society.

She started her career in investment banking as an equity research analyst, but left to pursue her interest in start-ups, in business development for a fast-growing media and communications business. She then returned into the investment world, providing advisory for high net worth individuals and family office clients. Now based in Monaco, she has most recently been involved in asset raising for a range of start-ups as well as organising investor conferences on entrepreneurship.


Bwalya Kasase –

Process and System Design

Bwalya joined Rebel in April of 2020, bringing with him over 15 years of operational and business change experience from across the energy sector, including energy retail.

He’s excited about getting in at ‘Ground Zero’ and using his experience to help to build an energy company with a difference.



Joanne Smalley –

Marketing & Communications Lead

Joanne became involved with Rebel in the early days as she was extremely excited about the business that Dan was aiming to build.

An energy industry professional, she’s worked in Marketing and Communications for some of the biggest names in the Industry, including E.on, EdF, British Gas and ELEXON, as well as acting as a consultant and advisor for the Data Communications Company, London Power and several energy and technology start ups. Joanne is committed to help drive change in energy – and has long been frustrated with the way that incumbent energy companies have little incentive to change the status quo.


Jason Sharp –


Jason has come on board as an Advisor for Rebel Energy, bringing his experience in leading customer centric businesses to the team.

At Ovo he supercharged their growth, growing the business by over 350k customers in two years.

Prior to that he led customer service segments at Vodafone, First Direct, Citigroup, Sainsbury’s and ASDA. He’s also acted as a Non-Executive Director for socially responsible energy suppliers such as Robin Hood and Social Energy.


Eskandar Sadeghi – Advisor

Eskandar “Essi” Sadeghi has recently joined the Rebel board as an advisor, bringing extensive experience in financial services and portfolio management. He’s passionate about creating companies that deliver results whilst focused on their principles.

Essi currently sits as a Vice President with T Rowe Price as a senior member of its Portfolio Construction team and is responsible for guiding his clients through the building and maintenance of multi asset portfolios. He has over 21 years of progressively senior experience focused on financial services and asset management and has played critical roles in guiding investment strategy and direction, involved in strategy design, capital raising and corporate governance and risk management.