We’ve all seen energy prices rocket.  Just look at our recent bills coming in at home.  But did you know that the amount of electricity you use in your home is also set to *double* over the next 15 years? 

We’ve worked this out based on an explosive combination of new factors, set off by the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine.  Changes includes more people working from home, the desire to wean ourselves off oil and gas, an increase in electric vehicles plugged in at home and heat pumps being rolled out. And how many more new gadgets will be needing electricity?  Add to this the stats about a growing population, an increase in housing stock, and more people living independently, and you can see why energy use is going up.

Commentators call it “The Energy Transition”.

Rebel is in the business of supplying energy, but we want to show people how to use it wisely, not to waste it, and to help people on low incomes to access technology and other ways to keep their costs managable and as low as possible. This issue is dearest to our hearts – ending fuel poverty in the UK.

Rebel was founded to offer clean energy, fair prices and superb customer service. We keep things local. We generate our energy in the UK, and we invest in carbon-removal projects throughout the country. Although many of our customers still use gas, we are helping them find alternative sources. We are supplying energy through solar panel installations and wind turbines. Because, what’s more…Rebel Energy will not rest until fossil fuels are history.

These are all huge issues, and we believe that we can tackle them because they are all interlinked anyway. Since the pandemic, people are trying to make more ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. That incredible wave of altruism, determination to buy local and to help the people around us, is still with us.

That’s what makes Rebel the only energy supplier for this unique moment.

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