At Rebel Energy, we offer fair tariffs on our 100% UK-generated renewable energy. No matter what your income is.  

Sounds like the bare minimum an energy company should do, right?  

We agree. So we go much further than that by: 

  1. Offering plans that work for people at all incomes and circumstances.  
  2. Reinvesting our profits into community organisations. 
  3. Helping our customers get off of prepay and onto plans that save them money (and more on that later), and  
  4. Generating all of our energy in the UK and paying our employees a Living Wage while doing it. 

We call it ‘rebuilding society’, but you could just as easily call it ‘being fair’. 

Because being poor? It’s expensive. Nearly everything costs more the less money you have on hand. Overdraft fees, prepaid debit card charges, the cost of credit if an appliance breaks, payday loans. It all adds up to what we call the ‘poverty premium’. Households that have less money pay an average of £490 more a year for essential goods and services. And for one in ten of those households, that figure is at least £780.  

Utility pricing is one of the worst culprits for this and people who are less able to pay are always penalised. If you’re using a prepaid energy card, you pay *one-third* more for energy costs than if you had a direct debit. Water suppliers, streaming services, phone companies, etc., etc. They all operate like this. 

It is obviously wrong. And we simply won’t contribute to a system that is so plainly, totally unjust. 

So what are we doing different? 

One, we’re the only UK energy company that offers weekly payments as well as monthly at no extra cost. For one good reason: our 100% UK-generated renewable energy is available to everybody, no matter their income, circumstances or when they happen to get paid. 

Two, we’re one of a small number of companies taking charge of their carbon offsetting. We’ve set up our very own Restoration Fund to offset the carbon we create from supplying gas.  

Three, our ground-breaking work with TransUnion helps us get customers off prepay, onto regular payments, and improve their credit ratings as we do it. This project could change the game, so if you want to get into the weeds with us, read more here. 

There’s a lot more going on at Rebel. So when you set up a Rebel Energy account, you’re not just getting renewable energy at a fair price, you’re helping others save money too.