Proud to put the light on at christmas

Energy companies usually only enter our consciousness as logos on envelopes. The name accompanying a slice of money gone from our bank statement.

We don’t think of energy companies when we hear that click and reassuring rumble of the central heating coming on. Or turning on the light on a dark winter morning and taking a minute with a coffee and the radio. Or the warm white LEDs that twinkle around our Christmas trees. Or the busy oven and stovetop, whose hard work, if we’re all being honest, accounts for a pretty good chunk of the joy of Christmas.

Because these things aren’t ‘utilities’. They’re home. 

Now, we’re not trying to take credit for the concepts of light and warmth. We’re just saying that supplying these fundamentals is a responsibility. Dare we say, a privilege. 

Especially in winter. Especially at Christmas. Especially this Christmas.

So what does that responsibility look like to us? Affordable tariffs, UK-generated renewable energy, actually trying to help our customers when they engage with our customer service (this one really should not sound so outlandish). And making life easier for the people who need a little help.

And what it doesn’t look like is minimum adherence to one-size-fits-all regulation.

Being part of the run of events that puts heat into people’s radiators and light into their lightbulbs—that’s something to be proud of. 

Our hope this Christmas is that when customers see our logo on an envelope, they don’t feel that blank, vaguely hostile feeling of ‘oh these guys’. Instead, they just trust us to do things right.