Rebels have values too!

Rebel Energy was born of frustration – I saw that big businesses were moving in the right direction – but they weren’t going far or fast enough.  There were lots of empty words from corporations, but meaningful and effective change seemed a long way away.

It’s really important to me that Rebel Energy is reinventing what it means to be an energy supplier by building a new kind of business from the ground up – with strong moral foundations and a genuine will to help people get out of fuel poverty and to heal our world.  We want to challenge the concept of the ‘poverty premium’ and support our local communities.  Part of that is also about offering fair employment and empowering our people to make the right decisions for our customers and rewarding them fairly – we offer a profit share and aim to have a diverse team, including providing opportunities for the long term unemployed and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.  

It is important that we are clear what we stand for and what people can expect from us, so we’ve spent a long time thinking and developing our values – they really matter to us as these are what we want to be known for:


  • We care.  For our customers and for our colleagues – we understand the challenges each faces and put ourselves in their shoes.  

  • This means accepting people for their differences and giving them the freedom to make decisions and choices.


  • We are connected to the communities we work with and in. 

  • By working locally, we can harness the potential of all to make a difference to wider society. 


  • We are constantly curious –  questioning why things are the way they are and looking for better ways to do things.  We don’t accept that things have to be this way and are striving to improve society and the world around us, by building a business for good.


  • We approach everything with an open mind

  • This means seeking different solutions to challenges, and not accepting ‘that it’s always been done like this’.  We want to create big solutions to transform society by reimagining the ways in which people consume, purchase and interact with energy.


  • We’re always looking to do the right thing, to take brave decisions and to challenge things we think are wrong – we take the lead where others do not. 

  • We’re willing to listen to all perspectives, and own our mistakes.  We’re open and honest.

These values are still evolving as we build Rebel Energy and we have an internal saying that matters – ‘we need to walk the talk’.  There is no point in having values if you are not living or breathing them.

As we start to bring colleagues on board to support our customers and build our business, these values will really come to life – in the way we do business, treat our customers and support the communities around us.  

We want to be held to account – and if you ever see anything that we do that goes against those values, it’s important that I and the rest of the team know – you can contact me at



A turning point – the concept of Kairos – and why the world of energy needs a Rebel

We’re living in unprecedented times, there’s no doubt about that.  The threat of climate change, recognised as a real risk, has been surpassed by the very real presence of Covid-19.  But with all this uncertainty, it also feels like we’re at a crossroads, and that the concept of the ‘new normal’ presents us with a fantastic opportunity.  The Ancient Greek’s had two different words for time – Chronos which means chronological or sequential time – and Kairos, meaning the right or opportune time for action.

For us here at Rebel, this feels like a Kairos moment.  A moment when we all stop, look at where we are, and what has come before, and seize the opportunity to make a difference.  We see the light at the end of the tunnel and the promise of change.  We all have a choice to make – do we look to the future with positivity, with the promise of transformation, or do we look back at the past?

For us, it’s a no brainer.  We want to shift the dial – to tackle the climate crisis head on, to build resilient communities, and to create a business that demonstrates to all that we can be a positive force for change.  The last few months have shown us that community is more important than ever – we’ve been supported and sheltered by our neighbours and society around us.  So how do we turn that into a permanent force for good?

We are creating a company which supports people out of fuel poverty and that helps the long-term unemployed back into work.  We don’t believe in big bonuses or fat cat salaries, but profits that are built on doing the right thing, that can help to fight the climate crisis and that supports our local communities.

This is our Kairos moment – a once in a generation time to rebel against the way things are currently being done, to do things differently, and to change the way we do business forever.

We’re a Rebel with a cause, creating Energy that makes a difference.  Come and join our Rebellion.

CEO and Founder of Rebel Energy