Welcome to Rebel Conversations…..

We’re Rebel Energy – an energy company with a difference.  With plans to launch to our customers at the end of this year, we’re starting the conversation now, telling people about our ambitions and aspirations.

We believe that the way energy is supplied is broken and needs to change.  And whilst many are trying, we’ve been frustrated that the pace of change is just not quick enough.  It shouldn’t be that hard to provide low cost, clean energy with great customer service, in a socially responsible way.

So we’re going to change that.  We’re a rebel with a cause – we believe that it is possible for a company to have a positive social impact and be profitable – that helps customers to get out of fuel poverty, that supplies low carbon energy, and that doesn’t make profits for the fat cats. 

Over the coming weeks we want to open up the conversation – what does being a Rebel mean to you?  And we’ll be sharing our plans for a business that is going to make a difference and introducing you to the team here at Rebel. 

If you want to be the first to hear about the latest news from Rebel and join our rebellion, then sign up for our newsletter here.  We promise we won’t spam you, and won’t share your data with anyone else.  

Watch this space…….